A Contact Lens Custom Made Just for You

Artisan Eye is proud to offer the posEYEdon contact lens. Customized to precisely fit your eye, this lens is fabricated from FDA approved Gas Permeable material and provides comfort, clear vision and ocular health.

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posEYEdon is Redefining Vision

You've found the most inspiring and intuitive contact lens in the world. posEYEdon is about freedom, health and the opportunity for better. Imagine something different, imagine the comfort of eye hydration, protection from the elements and the freedom to explore. Imagine having crisp, clear vision regardless of your surroundings.

This is what posEYEdon has done for patients all over the world. This is what posEYEdon will do for you.

Seeing Well Means Living Better

Artisan Eye knows that every patient's ultimate goal is living life better through improved vision. The advantages of the posEYEdon contact lens are longer wearing time, sharper vision and greater comfort, but the real benefit is improved quality of life.

You'll spend more time doing what you love and less time thinking about your vision. Things like driving, camping, reading, physical activities and so much more will not only be easier but more enjoyable as well.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the posEYEdon scleral lens?

posEYEdon is a contact lens customized for your eye and fabricated from FDA approved Gas Permeable material.

How does posEYEdon differ from other contact lenses?

Soft lenses are larger than your cornea and are a combination of fluid and plastic. They drape over the surface of your eye and are comfortable to wear, not because they are soft but because they are large and don’t move when you blink. The fluid content may decrease throughout your wearing time which is why some experience dryness at the end of the day. Conventional gas permeable lenses (sometimes called “hard”) are smaller than the size of the cornea and often move every time you blink. It’s this movement that is difficult to adjust to for some people. The posEYEdon lens vaults over the cornea and is supported by the white portion (the sclera) of the eye. With a posEYEdon lens, the space between the back surface of the lens and the front surface of the cornea is filled with sterile, unpreserved saline solution providing moisture to the eye.

Why are posEYEdon lenses so comfortable?

Because the posEYEdon lenses fit under the eyelids, there is no lid awareness when blinking as the eye lids pass over the smooth surface. Most importantly, there is no to minimal movement of the lens, which also decreases awareness.

Who are posEYEdon lenses for?

posEYEdon lenses are for anyone looking for the freedom of contact lenses that provide clear vision while maintaining ocular health. These lenses are extremely versatile and can be fit when soft lenses have failed in the past. posEYEdon lenses are custom fit to your eye by an approved posEYEdon fitting center, who are highly proficient in prescribing this lens for you if indicated.

I have high astigmatism - is posEYEdon for me?

The posEYEdon lens provides tremendous vision for the vast majority of patients with astigmatism.

How does the posEYEdon keep my eye moist?

The saline underneath the posterior surface of the posEYEdon design helps to keep the front surface of the eye hydrated during wear.

I have dry eyes. If I wear posEYEdon lenses, will I be able to stop using eyedrops and/or other medication for my dry eyes?

The continually hydrated conditions provided by the posEYEdon lenses may help.

Are posEYEdon lenses more expensive than the soft lenses I have tried in the past?

No, the annual costs are comparable that of daily disposable soft lenses. Consult your certified posEYEdon Fitting Center for pricing details.

How long will a posEYEdon lens last?

Depending upon your tear film’s tendency to coat the lenses and your care habits, posEYEdon lenses should last approximately as long as gas permeable lenses. We recommend annual visits to your posEYEdon Fitting Center eye care professional to determine efficacy.

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